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The Future Starts Here

Entrepreneurship curriculum for kids, schools and community groups.

For Schools and Community Groups

Hands on, step by step curriculum design to inspire, equip and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

For Kids

Self-paced, interactive program designed to take kids from dreaming and scheming to doing


KIDSTARTERS & CO is a fully interactive curriculum designed to teach the principals of entrepreneurship as a stand alone class, supplement to STEM, Tech Innovations, Library, Makerspace, or basic classroom instruction!

KIDSTARTERS & CO is designed and developed to inspire the next generation of kid entrepreneurs, through hands on learning experiences made to inspire, empower and equip kids to run their own business. Our unique approach takes everyday business planning and breaks it down into steps made to take kids from dreaming and scheming to doing.

We are breaking down barriers, busting through limitations and providing opportunity and education to any kid with a dream. Because we know; the next founder of a charity is dancing through your living room, the next Elon Musk is designing their own space colony out of legos,  the next major clothing brand for kids with sensory issues is being designed by a kid trying to cut every uncomfortable seam out of their clothes… Because anything is possible.

Why Entrepreneurship And Why Now?

Entrepreneurial skills are some of the MOST transferable, yet we often wait until high school or after college to explore this exciting career area.  The future of work will be vastly different and in order to be prepared we should explore the benefits of teaching entrepreneurial skills early on, even as young as 2nd grade.

The next wave of revolutionary thinkers are in your classrooms. KIDSTARTERS & Co. empowers students to learn differently.  Teamwork is vital to all interactions and helps to build relationships, creative reasoning teaches the skills that will be needed for the jobs of the future, and the financial planning that is covered helps to strengthen math skills.  Entrepreneurship brings all of those together and adds the vital element of fun that keep kids engaged in their learning. KIDSTARTERS & Co will equip, empower, and engage students to explore entrepreneurship as a career and growth option through classes, exclusive access to businesses, and behind the scenes insights.


Teach fundamental skills in a whole new way to help propel students to academic success in every subject. Kids in our program learn:


Problem Solving

Team Work

Public Speaking

Financial Literacy

Creative Reasoning

How It Works

Our secret sauce is our fun and memorable content that is created alongside experienced educators, and entrepreneurs (and some that do both!) While using basic principles, we give kids tangible takeaways that can be used across their learning environments and life

Unbox Your Curriculum

Who doesn’t love a good unboxing!? Our program comes in a box that you can unpack with your kids and full or reusable materials!


Our “chalk talk” videos are made with engaging content and interviews with real entrepreneurs talking about their business, journey, tips, challenges, failures and successes.


Application of principals from the video through hands on activities designed to teach foundational skills.

Real Life Work

Explore the world using tools and skills learned through our program teaching kids about businesses, how they run impacting their buying choices leading them to be more responsible consumers.


Learn the vitals of public speaking, communications and communication arts through the presentation portion of our curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Every unit has at least one focus area woven into its content. Kids will learn about teamwork, conflict resolution, public speaking, financial literacy, time management, and growth mindset along with business and entrepreneurial skills. While using basic principles, we give kids tangible takeaways that can be used across their learning environments and life.  We give them a step-by-step process and guide to build a business plan. Our curriculum combines online videos, exclusive interviews with experts, and insights from small business owners, startup founders, and those that have created scalable thriving businesses. We give students the tools they need to think through their own business idea, with the benefit of the experiences shared by our experts.

1. What is a business?

During this mission, students learn what a business is and how to spot it!

2. Planning Your Business

What areas do you need to focus on first? Learn the steps that you need to do to actually start your business.

3.Customer Research

Who are your customers? How can you reach your customers? Learn all about finding, narrowing down, and setting your target market and the best ways to reach them.

4. Competitive Analysis

What are similar businesses doing? How does that change what you do? We will cover several strategies of a competitive analysis to help you stand out among the competition.

5. Value Proposition

What makes your business unique? How will others learn about what you do? Your Go-To-Market Strategy is super important. Learn how to use what makes your business unique to reach your target customers.

6. Revenue Model

Can you actually make money doing this? We will review the key financial information you need to keep track of so that you know if you can be profitable.

7. Next Steps

Now that you have your business plan, we will cover what the next steps are for you and your business!

Curriculum Packages

Full Curriculum + Instructor Coaching

Enjoy our full curriculum with 1:1 coaching from our KIDSTARTERS & CO coaches to help you get the most out of your program.

More Details
  • Digital Downloads
  • Box of materials
  • Reusable Materials
  • Print Worksheets
  • Videos
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Instructor portal
  • 1:1 coaching

Full Curriculum

The complete KIDSTARTERS & CO entrepreneurship curriculum designed to engage and empower your classes.

More Details
  • Digital Downloads
  • Box of materials
  • Reusable Materials
  • Print Worksheets
  • Videos
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Instructor portal

Community Group + Enrichment Programs

Our KIDSTARTERS & CO curriculum designed for community groups, enrichment programs and before and after school activities.

More Details
  • Digital Downloads
  • Videos
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Instructor portal

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